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  • 17 - Bear Tree Recreation Area

    How to get there - From Creek Junction return to US58. (Remember that VA603 has become US58 and we will follow that to Damascus.) Follow US58 west (left) 2.1 miles to the Beartree entrance on the right. Turn right into Beartree and then turn right into the parking lot for Beartree Lake.

    Things to do - The Beartree Recreation Area features a 14-acre lake, a family campground, and a group campground. The lake offers fishing and a sandy beach for swimming. For those fishing, smallmouth bass, sunfish, rainbow and brown trout are possible catches. The lake is adjacent to US58; the family campground is 1.4 miles from US58.

    Beartree Lake Trail, which circles the lake, is excellent for hiking. Half of the trail is paved. For an easy hike with good views of the lake, leave the parking lot and walk to the right on the trail. Continue until reaching a fishing pier.

    36.68472 -81.64722