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  • 6 - Fairwood

    How to get there - From the Fairwood Cemetery, return to VA 603, turn right, and continue 1 mile to Fairwood. Pass a house on the right used for Forest Service volunteers and turn left on FS 613, a safe place to stop. (Travel up the mountain on FS 613 requires a high clearance vehicle.)

    For History Lovers - The community of Fairwood was a logging village. The area was originally know as Fox Bottoms. A bandsaw was located here and the railroad was completed on March 1, 1905. FS #613 was a logging railroad that brought logs from the top of the mountain - most were Chestnut trees. After sawing, the lumber was shipped out by rail to Troutdale and on to Marion. As timber was depleted, production ended, and railroad service to Fairwood ended in 1920.

    While the saw mill was operating, this community included a huge sawmill, houses, and doctor's office. Had you been here 100 years ago, you would have seen the commissary pictured above.